Holzhalbinsel in Rostock

Urban living – in the meadow and fjord landscape


The real challenge of connecting urban housing with the qualities of the landscape has been the starting point for the ideas in this project. Along the banks of the Warnov, the new residential neighbourhoods are designed as U-shaped apartment blocks, which in some places develop into free-standing urban ‘villas’. On the Holzhalbinsel peninsula, the development theme reaches its peak with a crowning nine-storey residential tower. The pathway along the green bank leads along a wide staircase through the housing estate and back to the centre of Rostock. The five-storey block of flats frames the peninsula’s new square – facing the fjord, the block develops into a tower, the upper floors of which are designed as an expressive urban crown and become a landmark in the entire harbour.

Competition 2013

Provider: WIRO Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH

In co-operation with VLA