Ausgewählte Wettbewerbe

2022Realisation competition “Archaeological State Museum”- Rostock, in collaboration with Lundgaard & Tranberg arkitekter A/S, 1st prize
2018Realisation competition “Inclusion hotel” in Eutin”, 1st prize
2016Realisation competition “Schumacher Quartier” in Berlin, 2nd phase
2016Realisation competition “The Museum of the 20th Century” in Berlin
Consultant of Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Copenhagen, 2nd prize
2014EU open competition Park Schönfeld Carree in Kassel, 1st prize
2012Petriviertel – residential development in Rostock, Europe-wide planning competition in consortium with VLA, Copenhagen 2012, 1st prize
2010“Hjortespringcenter” – a new district centre in Herlev, DK
Comparative appraisal process
2008International competition “Vores By”- Carlsberg in Copenhagen
in co-operation with Prof. Hans Kollhoff, Berlin/ Copenhagen
2006Open competition “Federal Administrative Court in St. Gallen”, 2nd phase
2004Open competition “Stadthalle in Vaterstetten”, Bavaria , 4th prize
2000Open urban design competition “Nimbusparken”, Copenhagen, 1st prize
1998Open competition “Museum on the Mönchsberg in Salzburg”, 6th prize
1996Invited competition “Landratsamt Meiningen”, Thuringia (1996), 1st prize
1996Open competition “Stadthalle Weimar”, Thuringia, 1st prize
1995Open urban development realisation competition “Stadt Rötha” , 1st prize
1995Open competition “Marktkirche”, 5th prize
1994Open urban design ideas competition “Seetorviertel in Neuruppin”, 2nd prize
1993Open realisation competition “Rotaprint Block”, Berlin 1st prize